Hawke EMC

Hawke EMC

EMC, this is the term used to express the ability of electronic equipment or systems to operate satisfactorily in a given environment without responding to electrical noise or emitting unwanted noise.

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Hawke EMC Rectangular Frame

Stainless steel rectangular marine and civil frames for EMC transits.

Hawke EMC circular Frame

Stainless steel circular marine and civil frames for EMC transits.

EMC Blocks

Made from an intumescent flame retardant elastomer coated on all surfaces with a silver loaded spray which is highly conductive and provides the excellent shielding ability.

Hawke EMC Tolerant Blocks

Hawke HRST is a round sealing solution for a single cable/pipe
passing through a wall or bulkhead/deck
Each size of HRST frame can seal a large range of diameters
without any onsite modifications.

Hawke EMC Blank Filler Blocks

Filler blocks are available in the same materials as insert blocks. They are used to fill in the free spaces in the frame, allowing a reserve capacity for future needs.

EMC Accessories

EMC Stayplates

Stayplates ensure the blocks in a Hawke rectangular system (tolerant and blank ones) are fixed in position after compression.

EMC Marking Tool

It is used to facilitate installation of cables within an EMC System.



EMC Cable sheath remove tool

Remove the cable sheath with precision and without daming the cable screen.

EMC Cooper tape

It is used in EMC Systems to fill de gap between the cable screen and the EMC HF block after cable sheath has been removed.