Helmacab and Hawke Transit System (HTS) have joined forces, from June 1, 2020 we are distributor for Hawke Transit System in the BENELUX!

As you are accustomed from Helmacab, we will offer these products from stock and / or with strict planning for agreed projects and on call, both from Belgium and from the Netherlands.

The Hawke Transit Systems are an addition to our cables and the total program of our service.

What is the Hawke Transit System?

The transit system will seal and make resistance against: Fire, EMS, Water, Radiation, Gas, Chemicals, Explosion, Ultraviolet light, smoke, vermin, vibrations, electromagnetic interferences, hydrocarbons and any external threats.a modular sealing system for cables and pipes against fire, water, gas, etc.

Where do you use the Hawke Transit System?

Whenever a wall or bulkhead is penetrated by any type of cable or any kind of pipe or conduit, the occupants and integrity of the structure are exposed to risk from hazards such as fire and smoke, water ingress, vermin, toxic gases and any external threats.


What are the advantages for you to purchase this system from Hawke compared to other systems:

Increased safety

Saving Installation Time

Cost efficiency


Quality and certifications


Markets where the Hawke Transit System applies:

Offshore platforms


Oil & Gas refineries

Nuclear plants

Tunnel Systems

Computer / Bank Installations

Aviation test facilities


Etc …

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