Helmacab has a very extensive range of cables, a large part of which is always in stock.

In the field of marine cables, Helmacab represents an extensive package of cables from the manufacturer Helkama, a Finnish quality product. Whether it concerns a shielded cable, a flexible version, a paired variant, a fire-resistant version or a filled cable, all types of marine cables are quickly available and equipped with all conceivable approvals and standards.

The range also includes many types of industrial cables. From installation cables and data cables to coaxial cables and control cables, whatever you come up with, Helmacab has it, or can find it for you! To complete the range, Helmacab also offers various custom combined cables. For more information or for more urgent questions, you can always contact us!

Helmacab delivers large projects at a competitive price. With us you can always assume that the delivery is directly ex works and will be delivered to your location without intermediate storage.

In our cable program you can find the following products:

Marine cables

Industrial cables

Data cables

Installation cables

If you choose Helmacab, you choose tailor-made service. We are always at your service for cutting, labeling, delivering from stock and, if necessary, delivering! For more information, we invite you to take a look around the Helmacab website.